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Safe & Sound: Recent Ad Performance of Home Security Brands

September 23, 2021

These days, as we continue to spend most of our time in the house, many consumers are taking a closer look at their options to keep their homes safe & secure. In addition, more modern home security options have emerged in today’s increasingly digital world that allows users to control and monitor their home security through their mobile devices.

In the last couple of years, the market has become inundated with new home security brands that focus on easy, DIY setups that don’t require a lengthy contract or an all-day install by a technician. Using our industry-leading in-market measurement platform Phoenix Brand Effect, we took a look at the recent advertising performance of some home security brands to see which are connecting with consumers and which are getting locked out.

Not surprisingly, the two top ads on the list both focus on real customers talking about their experience of their home security devices, saving them from a break-in.

Vivint’s “Preventing Crime” ad is unique because it demonstrates how the system can record what is going on and send an alert to prevent crime before it happens. This simple, straightforward narrative effortlessly showcased what the product was meant to do – provide real-time protection that consumers can easily monitor.’s “Neighborhood Stories” ad falls within the same vein as Vivint with their customer testimony, showcasing the product’s benefits as told by a real user. While not quite as strong in terms of recall, this ad was still able to connect with consumers successfully and demonstrate the product’s effectiveness.

SimpliSafe takes a more humorous approach in their “Fast Police Response” ad, demonstrating how their system protects the home and includes rapid police response through verified video. This ad also did the best in terms of Brand Linkage, likely driven by the consistent brand name on the main character’s shirt throughout the ad.

ADT’s “It’s Safe to Say” ad was the low performer of the group, falling below the norm for both Ad Memorability and overall breakthrough. Their low performance is somewhat surprising, given that they utilized HGTV’s Property Brothers, a well-known duo in the home improvement space, to promote the product. However, their branding was a bit stronger due to the continued brand cues throughout the ad (placed in the corners of the screen.)

For additional insights and information into the why’s behind the performance of these ads or for brand-level insights on these ads, drop us a line!



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